About Us

Our Philosophy

One of the most iconic communication images is of a glowing lantern in Boston’s Old North Church. The lighting of a second lantern let Paul Revere know that the British would invade Boston by sea and led him on his midnight ride.

Galloping across the Massachusetts countryside, he breathlessly shouted the news to anxious patriots.

With this same sense of urgency and purpose, Glass Lantern PR illuminates and communicates your messages, using the hallmarks of creativity, ingenuity, determination and dedication. While communication methods have changed, trust and transparency are still the bedrock of lasting relationships and serve as the cornerstone of our partnership with you.

Glass Lantern PR operates on a different business model from the majority of PR agencies. Rather than a fee that is charged by the number of hours a PR firm claims to have worked, we operate on a Results Assurance approach that delivers what we promised. Glass Lantern PR is driven by transparency and accountability for specific results included in the PR delivery plan we develop with you.

Glass Lantern PR is operated by Joshua Kail and William Madaras. With over 50 years of public relations experience between them, they have built client successes across industries. Specific focus includes: high tech B2B and B2C companies in the sectors of consumer electronics, software, satellites, cable, cybersecurity, medical, gaming, social media, photography and more.

Meet The Team

Josh Kail copy

Josh Kail

Kail has been working in PR for a decade and represented everything from politicians to television documentaries. For the past 5 years, his focus has been primarily on high tech B2B markets, working directly with the many facets of the broadcasting industry and beyond. He is focused on creating original targeted campaigns that ensure the best results for his clients and providing the high quality client/firm experience one would expect from a boutique PR firm.



William Madaras

Madaras is a veteran PR practitioner, representing numerous global B2B and B2C technology companies. His experience includes consumer electronics, software, government relations, green technology, cybersecurity, Internet products, real estate and shipping.