Case Studies



The Brief

NovelSat, is the developer of the 3G Sat Modulation technology, NS3™, and manufacturer of NS3™ enabled modulators, demodulators, modems, and ASIC. This new modulation technology has shown to exponentially improve bandwidth capacity and satellite data rates above the current industry standard DVB-S2. Up until this the development of NS3™, the industry supposition was that DVB-S2 could not be improved on in any significant ways and the focus since 2005 had been on data compression rather than next generation modulation solutions. Many in the industry simply did not believe NovelSat’s claims surrounding NS3™.

The Challenge

As a result of this industry-wide disbelief, the challenge was to change perspectives over what was actually possible in satellite modulation solutions. At the time of Novelsat’s North American launch, they had no customers on the books and all completed testing has been internal. Joshua Kail was able to isolate the features of NS3™ that would be of highest interest to the targeted media, created targeted pitches that positioned the importance of considering a 3G Modulation solution in the current satellite market, and utilized the charismatic NovelSat Chairman–of-the-Board to be the voice of the company to media and analysts.

By combining the most crucial aspects of NS3™, tying them into the very pertinent issues of satellite space and increased bandwidth and data rate demands, and putting that message through the voice of NovleSat’s COB, Josh was able to establish a very focused and consistent message that created enough interest in the press to investigate beyond the skepticism of the technology.


To achieve this goal of market acceptance and penetration, Josh started with approaching several key analysts to speak with NovelSat’s COB to better understand exactly how NS3™ could achieve what it claimed. By moderating these meetings, Josh was able to get further insight as to what was working and not working in terms of the NovelSat presentation, and suggest to NovelSat what changes should be made. These analyst meetings also showed a consensus of belief in the technology once shown the presentation and greatly aided when it came to approaching the the media with this message.

The formal North American press launch surrounded itself around SatCon 2011. Through a series of media alerts, press releases, and direct calls, Josh was able to secure several on site interviews with key members of the press as well as post conference meetings with the press who did not attend the conference, but were interested from the pre-SatCon media outreach. These meetings resulted in articles on NS3™ in the top tier target publications for NovelSat and created a strong interest by these publications in NovelSat’s growth.

Following SatCon, the results of independent testing of NS3™ by potential clients started coming in. The results exceeded even the claims of NovelSat. Josh was able to use this opportunity to build off of the messaging that NS3™ was a real world solution for the growing demands of the industry, with documentable statistics of its capabilities. While the pre-testing NovelSat push established a possibility that NS3™ was a legitimate technology in the minds of the media, these independent tests took the media outreach to the next level of viewing NS3™ as a reality.


When Josh started working with NovelSat, they had lots of big claims with very little industry legitimacy and they had no press coverage within North America. By taking the steps that he did from engaging the analyst community, to presenting NovelSat’s claims in a structured and accessible manner, to building off that initial opening of industry acceptance with hard news follow through, Josh was able to turn general denial of NS3™ to it being regularly featured in core publications as a legitimate solution.

The success of this industry acceptance has lead NovelSat to now being able to focus on secondary industries such as the military (which has recently started up), while continuing to push within the Satellite Broadcasting market, with planned appearances at Satellite 2012 and NAB, as well as hard news client releases in the near future.

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