The Glass Lantern Difference

Results Assurance

More Accountability

Glass Lantern PR operates on a different business model from the majority of PR agencies. Rather than a fee that is charged by the number of hours a PR firm claims to have worked, we operate on a Results Assurance approach that delivers what we promised. Glass Lantern PR is driven by transparency and accountability for specific results included in the PR delivery plan we develop with you.

Measuring Effectiveness

At the beginning of each quarter, Glass Lantern along with you will map out realistic and fair goals of accomplishment for the PR campaign. This includes a specific number of press hits; interviews scheduled; and by-lined articles written and published.

When we reach all of the goals for a quarter we do not stop working. Our philosophy is the greater service we provide, the better long-term relationship we build with our clients. This approach makes us accountable and gives you a clear picture of the successes to expect over a specific period of time.