Case Study

RRsat Global Communications Network


The Brief

RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. provides global, comprehensive, content management and distribution services to the rapidly expanding television and radio broadcasting industries. Through its proprietary “RRsat Global Network,” composed of satellite and terrestrial fiber optic transmission capacity and the public Internet. While RRsat had already established a presence in the Middle East, European, and Asian markets, it wanted to expand within North America. Along with the normal challenges of breaking into any new market, North America comes with the additional challenge where many of the premier content providers have internally run uplink, downlink, and play out services for within the market itself. RRsat would have to enter this market with limiting their focus to global broadcasting services of content into our out of the North American market and not within.

The Challenge

Despite the market challenges, Joshua Kail was able to identify key aspects of RRsat’s services that presented a very unique presence within North America. Specifically, RRsat’s ability for global one hop satellite broadcasting, the vastness of their global fiber network, and their focus on emerging technologies such as 3D broadcasting and the early implementation of the MPEG-4 codec for HD satellite broadcasting.

Each of those identified service features, while on their own may have garnered some press attention, when gradually built off of each other creates the image of a global communications broadcasting network with a firm set of services available by few competitors worldwide.


To achieve this goal of market penetration, Josh approached the press, and presented RRsat in several different ways. He started the focus with RRsat’s hard company news (the implementation of a new fiber Point Of Presence, executive changes, new business announcements, and strategic partnerships). With each piece of news Josh would write, distribute, and pitch a press release on the news piece itself.

From this launching point, he then focused each pitch to a piece of relevant industry news. A press release on a new fiber POP would then become a conversation on the importance of growing fiber networks, which became a larger conversation on the value of hybrid networks that use both satellite and fiber connectivity. By constantly updating and continuing these pitches He was able to garner focus on RRsat not only for its specific company news, but connect it to those larger industry stories that the media is most interested in.

While constantly crafting and pitching these press releases, Josh also approached the key publications with interview and byline opportunities for RRsat executives. These would further build on those conversations started with a press release or pitch.

RRsat’s involvement with several industry conferences (SatCon, NRB, Satellite, NAB) provided further opportunities to present RRsat directly into the consciousness of the North American industry press. SatCon in particular served as the unofficial launching point of RRsat in North America. Josh’s physical presence alongside RRsat at the convention allowed for the development of key press relationships that proved to continue to be valuable throughout the campaign. These conferences were used as yet another opportunity to set up direct interviews between RRsat executives and the press, as well as stood a launching points for major company announcements, which would in turn begin a new cycle of press releases and ever evolving pitches.


When Josh started working with RRsat, they had no press coverage within North America and had limited knowledge of which publications they should go after. Josh was able to identify all key publications and then target those publications for RRsat coverage and actively approached them. As a result of his targeted approach with company and industry focused press releases and pitches, constantly evolving conversations, attention to industry conferences and highlighting various RRsat executives, RRsat is now regularly featured in every identified key press source including, Broadcasting and Cable, Via Satellite, TMC, Satellite News, and Broadcast Engineering.

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